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An Essential Part of Family Health – Essential Oils

June 10th, 2021

As a mom I was becoming increasingly concerned about how each doctor visit was shorter than the last and seemed to always end with some sort of prescription. I was also concerned about news stories regarding antibiotic resistant germs. Still reeling from the overdose of the flu vaccine given to my 9 month old, I was very intrigued when I was introduced to essential oils earlier this year. And, since that day essential oils have become an essential part of my family’s health and daily life.

I am not a doctor and do not purport that essential oils should replace routine medical care but I do feel that essential oils have helped my family become independent of over-the-counter medicines and have been huge for our preventative health care. Below are the ways that my family has incorporated essential oils.


For all our pain relief (headaches, body aches, carpal tunnel, etc) we use Lavender, Peppermint, DeepBlue blend and Birch. We massage the oils on the area that is feeling pain. For headaches we typically blend lavender and peppermint on our temples and on the back of our necks.


When our kids get a fever, we place Peppermint on the bottoms of their feet and on their forehead at the hairline. We haven’t had too many fevers since we started using essential oils but this has cut the fever every time we have.

Digestive Issues

I am not the only adult in the house that has had their morning coffee turn on them. When that happens and our stomachs are twisted with unpleasant outcomes, we grab a blend called Digestzen and rub it on our stomach and/or take internally (placing a few drops in a capsule and swallowing it). This works faster than the pink stuff. It is amazing.

The Digestzen blend or Peppermint is good for everything listed on the pink stuff’s bottle (but you do not have the dreaded side effect).


We love to blend Wild Orange and Lavender in a diffuser for anxiety and stress. Our response to it is very quick and does not require taking medications that break down slowly and take weeks to leave our brains. The bonus is that Wild Orange also cleans the air.

Our son uses Vetiver essential oil to help keep his mind calm during school. He is in the first grade and Vetiver really helps him stay mindful of his behavior. We went from pulling an orange behavior card (bad!) to pulling yellow and green behavior cards (warning and good behavior). He is so cute and places the oil on his “brain toe” (the brain’s vita-flex point is the big toe).

Respiratory Issues

Our stuffy and runny noses are taken care of by Eucalyptus and a blend called Breathe massaged on the chest and placed under our noses. Congestion is cleared up and allergy attacks calmed by Eucalyptus and Lemon on our nose vita-flex points. Overnight eucalyptus or Breathe are diffused in the bedroom.


We have been able to end any oncoming cold or flu by taking Oregano and the blend OnGuard internally (placed in capsules) as well as diffusing them. As soon as we feel “icky” we begin the protocol and continue for a couple days even though we have kicked it that first day. The younger kids who do not swallow capsules yet take the oils with orange juice.

Immune Support

Every night we take the time to apply oils ro help boost our immune system. We have a roller ball applicator that contains the OnGuard blend, Oregano, Basil, Melaleuca, and Lavender. We roll this on the bottom of our feet. Not only does this help keep us healthy but it prompts us to take time with our family during the hurrying of getting the kids in bed. Bedtime is a lot nicer in our home now.

Revellie Pope